City-bound vs. City vs. Suburbs

Second-time bumper sticker spotter meredithp–who lives in Vienna but commutes to DC–wrote in yesterday to share an interesting trend she’s observed this year:

Normally my spotting comes from my daily commute, Vienna to [DC] along I-66. So far my record has been over 75% left-leaning stickers, I’ve really seen very few right-leaning stickers.

This past weekend I did some errands in the suburbs, and all of a sudden I saw right-leaning stickers everywhere. But when I went back to my commute this morning, it was back to predominantly left-leaning stickers.

I thought the difference between city-bound, city proper, and suburbia was interesting.

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  1. Dave W. says:

    I’ve noticed the same around the Philadelphia area, where I normally spot. Heading into downtown for business, and it’s all Obama stickers. The minute I get into the suburbs, it’s a pretty fair mix, with McCain/Palin stickers leading the way.

    Heck, I’ve seen more “W ’04” stickers in the suburbs than Obama stickers in the last week.

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