Mr. T in DC

Mr. T in DC recently visited Leesburg Virginia and made some informal observations about bumper stickers (and yard signs) on the way:

The fun game of the day was keeping track of Obama versus McCain bumper stickers and yard signs on our trek into Virginia. Surprisingly, this election cycle finds Virginia a swing state rather than a solid red state as usual, and here in DC, we’re being bombarded with campaign ads aimed at Northern Virginia. The results of our informal survey are as follows: on the highways, 66 and the Dulles Greenway, Obama bumper stickers outnumbered McCain bumper stickers by an astonishing 10 to 1. Once we left the highway and took to the secondary roads, on the fringes of the exurbs, McCain yard signs predominated. Some landowners put up huge (6′ x 8′?) McCain/Palin signs which must have cost a fortune. There were a couple of Obama signs alongside the Republican congressional candidate, so it seems some Virginians are planning to split their vote instead of adhering to the party line. In Leesburg itself, Obama signs held a majority, though there were a number of McCain signs. Some adjacent houses had dueling signs, which must be a little awkward among the neighbors. The whole thing was fascinating, as where we live, Columbia Heights, must be the bluest, most-pro-Obama area on the map, so it doesn’t make for a good statistical sample of the country as a whole.

I live in the area and back in 2004, my wife and I spotted almost exactly equal number of left and right leaning stickers (leaning just slghtly to the right). This year, though, the story is different with almost 2/3rds of the stickers spotted supporting Obama and other Democratic candidates. It’s not quite the 10-to-1 ratio Mr. T in DC saw, but the northern part of the state is definitely leaning further left than it did in 2004.

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